Clothes for first internship

Hello all,

I am looking for reasonably priced pants for a summer analyst position at a debt fund. They dress business casual but I am looking for something that I could possibly wear in that setting, and if I decide to recruit for Equity Research at a BB/buy-side. Also, does anyone have any advice on how much clothes I should have? I have 3 dress shirts right now (2 white, 1 light blue Charles Tyrwhitt) and plan to get about 5 more and 2 twill pants and 2 suit pants.


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Jan 18, 2019 - 1:53pm

I think Chinos are a bit more casual that Khakis and definitely more casual than dress pants / slacks

For Business casual I would suggest getting khakis and slacks / suit pants.

Either way they should probably be tailored. Since you'll be spending a little money getting them fitted well anyways, I personally prefer a pair of fitted slacks over khakis (also the slacks can be used in most any business professional / casual setting).

Get 1 or 2 khakis, 2 to 3 dress pants and like 1 or 2 suits (which will likely come with pants as well). That way you'll have about 5-7 pants, 1 or 2 suits, and plenty of shirts. (When I first started I tried to have 7 shirts. 5 for the week, 1 to keep at work / in my bag in case of spills and random shit like that happening, and 1 more just in case.

Jan 21, 2019 - 8:40pm

I also love wool trousers...hang great and a pair in blue and one in gray work perfectly! I used to be a big CT fan but recently switched over to TM Lewin (same price point!). If you are wearing undershirts (which you should but PLEASE use v-neck if you aren't wearing a tie) you don't have to wash your dress shirts as often. Maybe a total of 8-10 dress shirts and perhaps a few sweaters if your office permits.

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Jan 25, 2019 - 1:23pm

Lightweight wool will look more professional than cotton.

Agree that Rack is a good place to shop, but it will be hit or miss in terms of what's on the floor on any given day. Once you find something that fits you reasonably well, find a tailor, and look for that brand online, where the assortment is always much deeper than you will find in any store. Since you're going to have the pants tailored anyway, why waste time going to the mall?

For shirts, would love to get your feedback on a free service that shows your best options all in one screen, with no styling fees, markups, or subscriptions. Draws from a selection of over 60,000 items from 17 top global brands. I built it to help guys avoid the pain in the ass I went through building a work wardrobe for my first job after college.

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Jan 28, 2019 - 6:07pm

Contrary to what the top post says, don't go to an interview 100% of the time with a well-fitting suit and tie. If its an interview with an east coast company, go with a well-fitting suit and tie. If it is for a bay area/silicon valley company, go with a nice pair of khakis and a dress shirt. Basically, go "one-level" above what normal dress at the company is.

If the normal dress is khakis, go in a suit. If the normal dress is jeans, go in khakis. Suits make very bad impressions to companies that have a start-up culture or a casual culture. They're going to think you're not a cultural fit for the company. I realize my anecdotal evidence means little, but I went to a career fair at a top 10 university for a cs/comp eng job.

Everyone was wearing a suit and I just wore a pair of black pants a blouse (female), not a suit (because I wanted to work in a casual company on the west coast).

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