CMBS Analyst at a 'permanent consulting'

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I am a recent grad with a finance background and have an interview coming up for a smaller company competing with the likes of Situs. The position is for a CMBS Analyst underwriting on agency and non-agency (Fannie and Freddie) loans internally within the company (mostly concentrated on the Multi-family Fannie and Freddie Mac side).

I wanted to find out more about what kind of compensation structure I can expect (more in depth than Glassdoor, if anyone has insight into bonuses would be awesome), career paths following this position and any other general info on the industry such as, hours, work environment, path to business school?

A couple of past analysts now are at JPM doing similar work or in school getting a MRED now. What opportunities can a masters or transition to banks such as JPM do? What are the options if I stay on the debt side of the business and salary growth like?

I really appreciate any answers you guys can provide and any other relevant information, thanks!

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Jan 12, 2017