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Feb 9, 2015 - 5:43pm

Exit options for my role (Analyst Capital Markets--office, land, multifam, industrial anything) would be to latch on to a client in an acquisitions/Asset Management role. I plan on going REPE or MSRED in a couple years. Maybe JPM Asset Management or another BB asset management shop. I have a ton of underwriting (excel, argus etc.) experience, relationships and marketing material experience. I've taken advantage of our educational programs-- RE Excel classes, and real estate certification classes. This wasn't my first job in the business- I was an analyst at a major REIT for 2 years prior to my Capital Markets gig. I like Capital Markets a whole lot better-- the culture, the people, the potential, the exposure, everything. My REIT position exposed me to only one asset class and it was very corporate. Towards to the end of my stay, I was essentially a reporting analyst because acquisitions were so few and far between.

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May 7, 2015 - 2:26am

@rj1443 - Having worked in two of the biggest RE markets in the world, one on the lending side and one capital markets side; I found it much more difficult to land a role in capital markets. Capital markets firms are especially selective. You need to be a numbers and bravado guy... which is few and far between. Those who have those qualities are most likely in a secure position for those reasons.

@cre123 is right on with exit opps for capital markets. The deals you do make you, end of story. Real estate related, your options are virtually limitless if you are capable and driven.

OP - I started on the lending side and found the transition much easier than most when I moved to capital markets. That being said, the learning curve is still quite steep. I'd recommend going into lending at a BB, saving some cash then making the move.

May 7, 2015 - 9:51am

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