CMU, Emory, IU-Kelly, or USC

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Which of these four schools tend to have the largest presence in IB, MC, and S&T?

Most likely I will do the BBA program at the schools with a 2nd major in either Comp Sci or Info Systems.

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Sep 7, 2008

Emory, unless you are dead set on Comp Sci then go CMU.

Sep 7, 2008

Why are these the only 4 schools you're considering?

Sep 7, 2008

DiPetro - I am looking at other schools along the likes of UMich and Northwestern but I already knwo the reps of those schools are pretty good but am more concerned about those 4.

Sep 7, 2008

(1) Emory
(2) CMU
(3) USC
(4) IU

Sep 7, 2008

IU-Kelly... that's a school? I've always thought that it was some type of special needs program.

fwiw, there wasn't a single kid from any of these schools in IB over at least the past 3 years at my current employer.

Sep 8, 2008

I'm a student at Kelley and we sent numerous people to banks last year. IU, itself, is a pretty sub-par education (I have been extremely disappointed w/ my non-business classes)but Kelley is a very good UG business program. Every BB recruits here and so do numerous other banks/firms. It's not on the level of the ivy's, but it certainly is one of the best UG programs out there (always top 10-15 in rankings w/ finance being our best program). The social scene is also incredible (beautiful girls and tons of stuff to do).

That being said, I would say definitely visit each school and get a feel for each before you make a decision. Look at the sizes of each school and decide what is the most important to you. I would say Emory is definitely the best of those 4 from an academic standpoint, followed by Emory. USC and IU are probably very similar in almost every way when you take in education and social life.

But certainly look at the other schools. I have numerous friends that go to Michigan and it's obviously a top notch program. The only place on that list I would have considered going instead of IU was Michigan.

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Sep 8, 2008