Cold Emailing REPE or Development firms without email address

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Graduated college in May and took a few months off after graduation.
Just moved to Texas (DFW area) and currently looking for an analyst position. 3 internships (all different cities in different markets), one in REPE and two at major brokerage shops. Decently connected in brokerage down here and working with a recruiter that has gotten me connected with a few good firms. Have contacted a few alumni and scheduled some lunches/coffee. I know it's hard to break into REPE right away.

Does anyone have any experience reaching out to companies through cold emails for those that you have no connection to? I planned on emailing the CEO with a nice note and my resume but most do not list their info. Most of these firms just have a [email protected] email address.
If anyone has tried sending stuff to an email like this, how did you title it and who did you address it to?

Also if anyone in the DFW would like to connect PM me!

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Dec 10, 2018