Collapse of the traditional currencies, along with the destruction of privacy caused by cryptocurrencies. Planned by *** & ******.

If a single organization wanted to track every movement of the people around the world, how would they do it ?

Cryptocurrencies. Convince the population that it's private, secure, untrackable and not dependant on the government. Then, be the biggest bag holder of cryptocurrencies to help fund your future projects without leaving any tracks to any other government. Give a chance to nerds/gamers/conspiracy-theorists/angry-men who have been degraded by their governments, peers, socioeconomically and socially superior people. Make these people who hate your organization to promote your project without them realizing it. Then, make sure that they make millions of dollars and start to feel superior first time in their lives, and by giving them more wealth, make them one of your members of your cult who will blindly support your project.

Then, collapse of the traditional finance. Make people believe that traditional finance is the biggest evil in the world, but also make it look like government is the biggest supporter of the banks and financial organizations, so people will think that government is bad as the big banks/firms. Make famous financiers to talk very badly about cryptocurrencies, and find some ''good'' billionaires to promote cryptocurrencies. Find a guy that is known for being a sexist/homophobe/narcissist, make sure that even before his presidency you divide people by humiliating/degrading and making lies about him, so some people can see themselves in that guy while others are hating him. After that, to make sure your plans will happen without any problems, for 4 years make everyone hate him more by pure propoganda so that they will vote the older dementia guy because of their hate. During his last year, make a small pandemic that will be exaggerated by the media to show people he's unfit to be president and caused so many deaths. Then, feed his followers by pure propaganda, and don't block/delete any of the posts that will target his audience during that time. Make sure that people raid one of the safest places in the world, choose some of your guys to be the star of that show by being extreme, and stream this everywhere in the world while blaming him, so people will hate him even more. Even though R party knows that most people will not vote for him because of pure hate, make R party nominate the same guy so the dementia guy with a black woman can be the winner. During the presidency of the dementia guy, make sure that socially everything improves but financially everything starts to collapse. Make people realize that they can't trust any corporation or government with their money/wealth. Try to get support to your economic actions by talking about ''planet/climate change'' so they will accept it at the beginning, but as the prices soar and people start to starve blame the pandemic and dementia guy because of his actions. Then, make the market crash, blame banks/firms and the government so people can hate them even more. During this time, keep promoting cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance as private, secure and not dependant on the government so people can choose non-existent/online currency by thinking that no one can follow them nor make them poorer. As more people start to use decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies, governments will adapt and traditional currencies will disappear as the banknotes.

By doing this, your project will be loved by anyone around the world for not being dependant on the government and anti-inflationary, even people who hate your organization will promote and use it. You will have acces all information of 75% of the people who are living on this planet.

Get ready for the market crash in 2022.

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Dec 11, 2021 - 3:23pm

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