Collect business cards on Iphone, Android phone and web

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Hi every one!
I'm trying to find a suitable place to put the questions and look forward to receiving the solution of all
My boss has more two hundreds of business cards and want to find the best method to store them
Simple way search on google, there are some methods. However they seem complicated
I would be very happy if someone share the experience to keep business contacts. Welcome the simple and convenient method!


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Nov 16, 2012

Pretty sure this is a clever marketing move... create two accounts on WSO, ask a relevant question with one, answer it with your website with the other.

Nov 16, 2012

I just use google contacts because I use gmail. Plus google contacts transfers to any android phone. No need to download an app. Sorry poster, you've wasted your time building an app which is useless.

808: I think you're right. Both posts seem to have similar grammatical errors. Something you don't find on this site as much.

It is not about the title that you have, it is about how much money that you have.

Dec 12, 2012