College admit trying to find out where to start?

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Hey everyone,

I am a 19 year old Southern Californian and am currently finishing up community college. I was recently accepted into the Marshall school of Business as a junior spring admit with a 3.81 GPA. I will most likely have 2 years left at USC. I have recently become interested in becoming an Accounting major over studying Business Entrepeneurship. So to get to the main question, What do I need to do to be hired by a Bulge Bracketing firm or an MBB firm? I plan on joining many organizations and a frat as soon as I arrive on campus to make up for lost networking time. My community college classes are pretty easy so I am currently studying ahead for the business classes I will be taking at USC. Lastly, I plan on getting an internship right now with a family friend who owns a tax law firm, and an internship after I finish my first year at SC. Is there anything else I should be doing to join these firms? Also, is accounting the best major for joining such firms or should I look towards something else? Thank you all I really appreciate it!

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Sep 8, 2014