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After being put on their waitlist, I have been admitted to some colleges and need to make a final decision for 31st May. I am quite keen on pursuing a career in investment banking and wanted advice on where I should commit. I am from India and there is a lot of uncertainty around our final 12th-grade examinations. If they get cancelled or conducted in such a manner that the results arrive before 31st August, I can meet my conditional offers. If not, I'm kinda screwed.

The following are the schools along with the programmes-

  1. University of Warwick- Bachelor of Economics, Politics and International Studies (Conditional offer)

  2. Universityof British Columbia- Bachelor of Arts 

  3. University of California, Davis- BA Economics

  4. University of Glasgow- Bsc Finance (Conditional)

  5. Christ University- BA Economics Honours

Waitlisted at UC Berkeley, Stanford, Upenn (Wharton), Yale, Princeton, UMichigan, Carnegie Mellon (I doubt I will get into any of these, but if by some miracle I do get into any one, the choice would be pretty clear)

Which of these is objectively my best choice for building a career in IB?

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May 21, 2021 - 6:26am

imo its depends on what do u want to do and where do u want to live, my advice is go for university of british columbia regardless if the target and non target crap its the most lenient country when it comes to work permits and specially that you're indian so im guessing you are looking to settle in a country canada is your best choice, you can always do a masters or transfer at a better school like mcgill or ivey i knew w guy who studied in the US landed a job at goldman in new york worked for 2 years then they rejected his work permit to stay and he went back to india

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