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Hi everyone

What type of activities do most freshman and sophomores put on their resume that lands them a summer gig? Right now I'm starting college in a few days and working as computer lab adviser/help desk. I plan to also join other activities, but I surely wont have a leadership role yet.

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Aug 19, 2015

The fact that you are planning ahead is great. I would also consider joining a campus organization and/or find case competitions in which you can participate.

Also very important - posting solid grades for your first couple years. GPA is one of the main gatekeepers, and only more so with freshman/sophomores who have little else to differentiate among themselves. Plus it's good to be ahead in terms of grades, don't want to be chasing that 3.5+ as a junior/senior (or ever, really).

Potentially the most important thing - enjoy college. Best of luck in your upcoming school year.

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Aug 28, 2015

Consumption smoothing is retarded. If you stay in this game for a handful of years, money will be the least of your worries. Live it up, because this is the one time in your life where you might actually have time to spare.