College major for a job at global macro fund?

I'm a high schooler, and I've been looking into careers. I think working at a global macro firm would be my ideal career, as I'm interested in econ, finance, international relations, etc.

So my question is, what should my education career look like? Double major in econ and international relations, maybe? Grad school? I know it's hard to get hired right out of college, but what if I had a phd? If still impossible, what job should I get before being able to be hired at hedge funds?

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Mar 2, 2019

I'd major in good luck.

More practically, econ major with a math/stats/cs minor or second major would be best.

Mar 2, 2019

Why good luck? Is it just that hard? If so, what can I do to maximize my chances?

Mar 2, 2019