Columbia MSAA Vs JHU MSF Vs UCSD MSF Vs Fordham MSF Vs Tulane MSF

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Hi everyone, i have admitted to the 4 msf programs listed above and to one Master program. But i am a little bit struggling with them. I was wondering if anyone could provide any insight for any of these program. I really appreciate your help and time.First, I will talk about my background briefly. I am an international student major in Biotechnology, minor in Finance. My long term goal is to step in private equity fund area, and short term goal is to become an equity research analyst, focus in biomedical industry. I want to land a job in U.S and stay in U.S as long as possible since I am gay and sadly, my home country doesn't root for gay marriage. Currently, I prefer to go to Columbia, JHU or UCSD because If I could not find a full time job here, I have to return to my home country and these schools enjoy good reputation in my hometown. Columbia has the highest comprehensive ranking. Its location is perfect. The Master of Applied Analytic(MSAA) program is STEM designed. But it's a new program. It is under school of professional study instead of Columbia Business School and I wonder whether this diploma can help me find a job in financial area. JHU has a good brand but the program is not STEM designed and its location is not bad. USCD MSF program is a combination of big data and finance. The program is new and its location is not ideal. I know all the program mostly international but I just want to make the most reasonable choice.

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May 7, 2018

If your short-term goal is to break into equity research then I would pick one of the MSF programs.

The Columbia program, like you mentioned is in the school of professional study, which doesn't carry as much weight as a degree from other departments at Columbia such as CBS. Maybe it would carry some weight back in your home country but I think most recruiters in the U.S know about this difference.

Where do you want to end up after you hopefully graduate one of these programs? Do you want to be on the west coast or east coast? For many of these middle-tier MSF programs the job placements are largely regional so you should go to a school in the same area you would like to live after graduation.

In my opinion, you should be trying to decide between JHU, UCSD, or Tulane.

May 7, 2018

Thank you for your suggestion!Actually,I don't have a preference for west coast or east coast. I just want to study in a region where I have the strongest possibility to find a job after my graduation.

May 7, 2018

if you're interested in finance go for New York based school i.e. Columbia.
it's a great brand name and opens lots of doors. And most of finance jobs are in New York anyway so it would be easy to get an internship.

Source: studied at Columbia, hired from Columbia, worked for hedge funds in NY

May 8, 2018

Is this still true for Columbia's School of Professional Study? I've heard that people only attend programs like this or extension programs so that they can say they graduated from xyz prestigious university and therefore hopefully get a recruiting advantage.

Wouldn't recruiters, especially those at large banks, look unfavorably on these programs when compared to more academic programs at the same universities? (ex. Columbia MS Financial Economics)

If I were reviewing resumes and I saw Columbia Professional Studies or Harvard Extension, in no way would I treat those candidates the same as someone who graduated from a more academic program at the same school.

Maybe I'm wrong and these degrees still have a substantial influence in northeast markets such as NYC. Would be educational to get some additional insight.

May 10, 2018