Columbia over 'Wharton-Booth-Kellogg-MIT' ?

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Dear Friends,

I am from Information Technology background. Post my EMBA, I like to get into MBB groups or Silicon Valley tech companies.

My Employer will not issue Time sponsorship letter for absence from work in alternate Fridays for EMBA classes in Wharton/Booth/Kellogg/MIT. Being said, Columbia Business School seems to have EMBA classes on Saturdays alone as one of their options for which no time sponsorship letter is required from Employer.

Could you please let me know the below to take a real quick decision as time runs-out for 2019 application deadlines in these schools ?

  1. Is it worth applying to Columbia when compared to Wharton/Booth/Kellogg/MIT in terms of getting visibility by the MBB & Silicon corporates post studies and also in terms of curriculum, networking & professors ?
  2. Can I wait for one more year & apply in 2020 for Wharton with a hope that I could convince my Employer for Time Sponsorship Letter as Wharton often matched/compared with Harvard & Stanford.
  3. If not EMBA, can I try for weekend MBA in Booth/Kellogg in 2019 ? Is it worth than EMBA in terms of Networking opportunities where in EMBA you could interact with top executives/peers in the class ?

Please help & guide me ASAP!!!

Thanks Friends.

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Jan 10, 2019

If you're able to get into these schools I honestly think it would be more beneficial for you to wait a few more years until you're at a point where you can afford to go full-time. I say this because it seems to be the case that the "technical" knowledge you gain at an MBA program is less important than building your network / connections. Someone with more experience can chime in on how EMBA's are perceived vs. Full time MBA's from the top schools but that's just my $.02 here.

Jan 10, 2019

I strongly agree with FinancelsWacc. You need to be targeting full-time MBA programs, especially if your goal is MBB. They have structured recruiting processes / on-campus recruiting for the full-time students, and I believe that would be your best chance at breaking in. I believe MBB recruits on-campus for all of the schools you mentioned.

On the flip side, EMBAs are meant for students not looking to change careers. I'm sure it's possible to recruit, but I think it would be much more difficult given your demanding work / class schedule, plus the fact you won't be actively targeted by firms / companies since you're an EMBA.

My view - apply to the FT programs, not EMBA.

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Jan 11, 2019

How much work experience do you have?

Generally, EMBA and FT MBA are for people in different stages of their career. EMBA is more for executives/people with about 10 years of work experience, while FT MBA's are targeting people with 3-6 years (on average). EMBA's also tend to stay with their company, so companies don't actively recruit from the EMBA program.

Jan 11, 2019

I have 15+ yrs of work experience.


Jan 13, 2019