Columbia Student Transitioning from government consulting to commercial consulting

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I am currently a student at Columbia Business School pursuing my MBA and am now on Winter break after completing my first semester. Pre-MBA I worked as a Booz Allen Hamilton Consultant for 3-4 years with primarily government and military clientele. However, post-MBA I want to work for a firm which specializes in commercial consulting particularly a MBB firm. Is it possible to make this transition during my time here in Columbia either through internships, networking or other avenues or will my previous experience as a government/military consultant limit me in some way? I plan on meeting with academic career advisers soon but I want to get opinions here first. Thank you.

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Dec 31, 2018

It's extremely common. I could type out a bunch of things, but you should just go to the networking events and talk to your career advisers.

Jan 2, 2019

You'll be fine. Take the normal route of plenty of networking, case/behavioral interview prep, etc., and just be prepared to articulate your story and why you want to make the move

Jan 3, 2019