Coming back from Goldman Super Day - but still waiting - what should I expect?

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Hey guys. I went through my super day (off-cycle recruitment, non-FO) with Goldman last Monday and still haven't heard back. The conversations went well - the HR told me that the team enjoyed meeting with me, which I thought was a great sign since she didn't have to lie to me if it wasn't true.

2 days after the super day, HR lined me up with two other phone calls because those guys didn't get to meet me on Monday. But before talking with the two folks, she asked me about my starting date, desired salary, immigration status (I'm an international graduate), and asked me to fill out the historical compensation form.

So I just finished my phone calls last Thursday and Friday and haven't heard back anything yet. I have been quite confident since the signals are really good - but I'm biased because I just want this to happen. What do you guys think and what should I expect?


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Jun 26, 2017

Btw HR said that the decision could be made either last Friday or this Thursday... Since my last call was on Friday, I didn't expect anything. I've seen some posts here and some people also completed the historical comps form but got rejected... I'm very worried.

Jul 21, 2017