Commemoration for Father of Rock 'N' Roll, Chuck Berry

Getting lazy this afternoon, I was going over music playlists and I decided to listen to Chuck Berry. In the process, I learned of his death two months ago this March.

I am no fan of rock but nevertheless I had a lot of respect for this guy and admired his talents.
Debuted in 50s, I know him as a pioneering rock musician who slightly preceded Elvis and all other greatest rock musicians at the time. I also know him as a genius who invented guitar lines that is so new at the time and good that everyone at the time used his guitar code in some extent. Music that he created are real classic rock and roll stuff and everyone know of his songs to this day.

Also, He did not look like any punk rock musician to me because he had classical background. His sister was a pianist and he himself was musically educated. Also, he is from St. Louis and I lived there for a few years so that gave me a reason to like him more than others. I am sure many senior guys on this site knows much better than I do.

Everyone probably listened to Johny B Goode growing up at burger king or something. Here are 5 songs you might want to remember him by.

  1. Roll Over Bethoven
  1. Johny B Goode

  1. Maybellene
  1. Sweet Little Sixteen
  1. Promised Land
Chuck Berry's albums sale up 9,000% after his death. Strangely, I somewhat did not hear about his death on the news as much compared to other musicians.