Commercial Banking Program Interview

Hey everyone,

I have a commercial banking program interview coming up (recent grad)

It includes a case study as well as several 1-1s.

Just wondering what type of questions they might ask & what financial/banking concepts should I be familiar with?

Also, any idea as to what the case study could be about? I figured it might be like calculating certain ratios or maybe going through a scenario a bank may face?

Thanks for the help!!

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Feb 13, 2017 - 6:26pm

Capital One case study was on a jewelry store with 3 years of financials and background on the jewelry industry. They asked about the business's liquidity position, why sales were dropping, and some other technical crap. The jewelry store in the case looked like it had a good liquidity position initially, but the the cash flows were crap because they were sitting on inventory. People don't buy jewelry that much so it can be deceiving. Just know how to work your way through the 3 financial statements and how they are all connected. Know about profitability, liquidity, solvency, and debt-service ratios. Lastly, try to determine what numbers/information is material to the business.

There should be some practice cases online, but they didn't help me. P.S.- I think I only had 15-20 mins to do the case.

Best of luck!

Feb 13, 2017 - 9:22pm

Thank you sooo much! This was really helpful.

Do you remember any of that other technical crap? Aside from that, how was the interview? I assume the other interviews were mostly behavioral?

Feb 14, 2017 - 12:06pm

My Capital One interview was tough compared to other commercial banks that I interviewed with. Last semester, I interviewed with Capital One, Regions, JP Morgan, Exxon, Goldman, Trafigura, SMBC, and Amegy Bank. Goldman and Traifgura were for trading, Exxon was for a controller position, SMBC was for corporate energy banking, Capital One and Regions were for energy CB and Jp Morgan was just for general CB. The most challenging interview was Trafigura. They don't mess around one bit. Pretty much all technical and I prepared for the interview for a week. I was prepared for all the trading questions, but I stumbled on some of the scheduling questions. Capital One was the next hardest interview. It consisted of 5 interviews ( 4 behavioral/fit with two people and 1 technical /case with 1 person), which took nearly 4 hours to complete. The behavioral interviews were easy but I had done my research on energy and we touched on that a lot. The technical interview actually wasn't that bad, but some of my friends thought it was. It's more just nerve racking. Before the case, the interviewer just went down a sheet asking technical, but they are pretty basic. Describe the three financial statements and how they are all correlated? Asked a few questions about liquidity ratios? I can't really remember what else they asked. Then he gave me the case and walked out of the room. Amegy asked if you couldn't use any financial information, how would you evaluate a business/person for a loan? JP Morgan- asked what is the best ratio to determine if a bank can pay back a loan?Just google search commercial banking interview questions.

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