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So I'm looking to make the move from middle market commercial banking to corporate banking. I followed the M&I resume format but I am looking for any feedback. Do I need to move towards a resume that highlights certain transactions? More result or quantitative oriented?

Thanks in advance.

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Apr 13, 2015


Apr 17, 2015

You didn't follow the M&I format, but that's fine because it sucks anyways.

-education first
-education first
-GPA: 3.15 / 4.00 (two decimals)
-all bullet points should go at least three-quarters of the way across
-Name & heading in smallcaps
-put the name of the bank for the second position, even if its the same
-top margin tooooo big
-font size at bottom is larger, make it smaller
-phone number comes after name
- email on next line
-school address in top left corner, labeled in smallcaps with first address line level with phone number
-permanent address in top right corner, similarly formatted. (this is useful info and takes up space and allows more room for real stuff)
-don't indent bullet points, they should be level with left edge of text
-you must be in some clubs or something, right?
-golf and history are not proper nouns
-put 2 pts of space after the headings
-put less space elsewhere, full line breaks are bad
-dates should be Aug Dec etc.
-maybe organize your bullet points better, cut down or use sub-bullets it they can be logically arranged. there are tooooo many to scan quickly.
-too much white space
-education first

Apr 20, 2015

I appreciate the response and will make some edits. Do note that I have been out of school for two years now. I believe at this point education should go below experience?

Apr 20, 2015


Apr 23, 2015

Yes I didn't notice that at first. (and if your GPA is actually a 3.2, you would definitely want to put experience up top.)

Apr 23, 2015