Commodity Hedging Firm Abroad, Interview Prep

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Hi Monkeys,

Still fairly new to this site. Wanted to seek some advice for my situation coming up in the next couple weeks. I have been selected for an interview at a commodity hedging firm in New Zealand. This would be a six-month Summer Analyst position, but I would hope that this can turn into a Full-Time job. I was referred for this position through a contact in Chicago who also hedges the same commodity through his business. Networking pays off, people!

I am an incoming senior at a non-target school. Finance major, Econ minor. 3.9 GPA. And a member and active trader for my own University's endowment portfolio. I think the biggest skills I bring to the table is my already existing knowledge of commodities and experience trading real money in the derivatives market.

Obviously, I want to be as prepared as I can be. So I'm looking for some tips for the video conference interview coming up.

  • How much time should I spend talking about my own trading experience?
  • What kinds of technical questions could be asked in a commodities interview?
  • What questions should I ask that could show my interest and knowledge of the position?
  • What subjects are undergrads least prepared for in trader interviews?
  • Other tips for preparation, interview, and follow-up.

Thanks for your help! Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Jun 25, 2018

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Jul 2, 2018