Common Identifier Between S&P and Moody's Excel Plugins?

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I am working on a dashboard and was curious if anyone knows of any successful way to bridge between the two with a common identifier?

I have had modest success with pulling ISIN from CapIQ then truncating it down to get the CUSIP-6 that Moody's uses as an identifier in their formulas... However, I am finding that a fair amount of ISIN that CapIQ pulls, don't match with the CUSIP-6 Moody's is using..

Here is what the ISIN to CUSIP bridge looks like:
Company A ISIN: I_US1234567890
Company A CUSIP: cusip_6-123456
So essentially I am using =Left() and =Right() functions to throw out the "I_US" and "7890" to get to my CUSIP digits..

Maybe there is another excel plugin I could use... but i don't know how much success I will have getting my corp to approve of a non-standard excel plugin (aka not happening).