Company decided to push back filling position for 60-90 days. What should I say?

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This is after a phone interview with a small debt/equity broker. They said they'll check if I'm still interested then.

Anyone ever heard of this?
Would you advise trying to meet him for coffee in the meantime?

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Sep 25, 2018

60 to 90 days from now is almost the start of 2019, are you willing to wait that long? Move on to your next contact/interview. Given that time window, they may not even hire anyone at the end of it. If they were interested in you they'd hire you sooner than later.

Sep 25, 2018

Thanks, I'm also going to offer to intern in the meantime. It's been fairly dry; just looking for something to do.
Should I offer to help out for free and let them make a decision later?


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Sep 25, 2018

Please do not offer to work for free. I may catch monkey shit for this but this just comes off as desperate, and your time should be valued/compensated for something.

If you were a college student that had no internships/offers and were in your last year my advice would be different.

If they thought you were good enough to interview then you should be good enough to be paid.

Reach out to your contact tell him your'e grateful for the interview, and still very interested if anything opens up. Reach out again in a couple months and see if anything has changed.

I don't know the full situation but it sounds like they are letting you down softly. If that is the case you offering to work for free/intern etc will come off as desperate and just put them off even further.

Best bet would be to fall back and keep in touch with your contact every so often. Let them come to you.

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Sep 25, 2018

Definitely agree with @press107. Don't work for free, keep looking till you find it.

Jan 3, 2019

Original poster update:
I ended up meeting with this guy for coffee for an hour, went great, showed him print-out models I built with Adventures in CRE, he really liked it. Told me all about the office, what I'd do, said I'm definitely ahead. Said business slowed from holidays but they'll need help when it picks up.
Post New Years, I followed up, he said in Q1 they're looking to hire a producer, will need an analyst, but not sure when.

What can I reply that's a little bit extra? Offer interning again? I want to ask for a referral to try an intern someplace where I'd be immersed in capital structure.


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Jan 6, 2019
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