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Hi guys,
Is that a disadvantage not having a degree in business-related field compared to those did earn one on securing consultant job? I am an undergraduate student majoring toward BS degree in electronics and planning to get the MBB offers. In addition, I am preparing for case interview at turnaround time and did take a look at two resources that seems most useful: E2E from mconsultingprep[dot]com and LOMS by Victor Cheng. Those materials are really expensive and I got lost to identify which can suit me. Are there any advices? Thanks a lot.

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Nov 20, 2017

VC & E2E
I used both programs to prepare for my case interviews. I love both of them. Kim and Victor are great coaches who really know what they are doing. Below I share my own takes on the two programs that hopefully can help you determine the most suitable program for your prep.

Which is more structured and comprehensive?
E2E, definitely. The program comprises 3 portions that tackle 3 aspects of the case interview: Business Intuition (business judgment and acumen), tips and techniques (communication) and Math (numerical skills). This MECE breakdown is extremely helpful for case beginners who don't know where to start. It is also more suitable for students with non-business backgrounds as it dedicates a separate portion (BI) to help you develop your business knowledge.

Which provides better case examples?
Well, it depends on what you're looking for. Victor is really picky and seems to set a higher bar than Kim in evaluating a candidate. While LOMS cases often pay attention to details, ask for more rationales from candidates and explain every decision more thoroughly, E2E cases are more interesting and unordinary. Victor and Kim both teach you from the mistakes the candidate made in their examples and then show you the best practices you should emulate.

Which gives you a better learning environment?
E2E shows its materials in two formats: PDF file (for Business Intuition and Math Drills) and Videos mp4 (for Tips and Techniques) whereas LOMS is made under the audio format mp3. If you want to hear cases while driving, cooking or doing exercise, LOMS may be the better option (it takes more time to convert E2E videos into mp3 files). If you, however, don't mind opening your laptop and spending hours sitting at your desk learning cases, E2E is more beneficial. Kim's video with vivid illustration and visual aids that wakes up more sensory organs will help you grasp the content more easily and remember it longer. Victor also includes some hand-writing diagrams in his program for illustration but I hardly use them and find them pretty useless.

Another plus for E2E program is that it includes designated study plans for you based on how much time you have left to prep. It even spoon-feeds you with the common pitches that you may use in the interview. So yeah, I believe it will take you less effort to learn cases with E2E.

All in all, I would have to say both programs are great and should-not-be-missed.

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Nov 21, 2017

I highly appreciate the videos of E2E with beautiful presentation and easy-to-understand processes. Besides, E2E provides knowledge for both candidate-led cases and interviewer-led case with very useful question types and detail explanations. This product provides both basic and advanced parts of the case and I like the way this document handled, very easy to comprehend.

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Nov 23, 2017

Regard to your question, I think that the most important thing is to understand your level in preparing the case interview. Hence, I encourage you that:
- If you are on the first stage of learning about case interview, you should buy E2E from to develop you basic understanding and methodology to solve a case. In my case, I felt it quite long and time-wasting. However, it's good for anyone who wants to learn about case interview from scratch.
- If you have already known some basics about case, you can learn LOMS by Victor Cheng. This program has many real cases and illustrates how a real case works. Hope this helps.

Nov 23, 2017