Concerned about 2020 Summer Analyst Recruiting - 2.7 GPA, Non-Target


I have a 2.7 GPA at a non-target school, and am a sophomore. I am heading into a BB PWM internship for this summer, and I am concerned I will be completely blown off by firms when applying for Summer Analyst 2020 positions due to my low GPA and unimpressive university.

I have an explanation for it, and connections at several firms, including most of the bulge bracket, but I can't imagine that will save me from a hard GPA cutoff. I am primarily interested in S&T, specifically securitization and rates, as well as AM and PWM. I have ruled out IBD.

I'd appreciate any advice. I'm planning on taking the CFA L1 as a senior, in the 2020/2021 academic year, most likely in December. I have extracurricular involvement. I plan on putting in as many hours as possible this summer, and hope a strong referral from my boss will help my situation.

Thank you for reading.

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Mar 22, 2019