Concerned about exit ops due to niche industry, current role exposure

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Some background on me:
Current job is with a specialty finance lender that focuses on short-term, high-interest commercial loans. Google Merchant Cash Advance for a ballpark. The role mostly credit analysis/underwriting of loans and partially relationship management with our sales partners. Been there less than a year. Education: 3.0 gpa from a non target (maybe semi..we get deloitte, goldman, few others doing on campus case studies here and there), Finance major, 3 summers worth of substantive internship experience albeit from no-name firms. Graduated in '17. I'm worried about two things in the current spot:
1) Not learning enough to have skills to take elsewhere. A lot of the modeling I do is plug-and-chug and idiot-proofed to the point that it feels like a data entry role sometimes. While there's certainly a qualitative aspect of getting to discuss (amongst coworkers and in written summaries) the deals, advantages/disadvantages thereof etc it's far from deep dive research. Not really much in the way of modeling being done either. A lot of it is sifting through information and trying to find irregularities, reasons to reject a loan applicant and so on.
2) The industry just has a bad rap. Lending in this space focuses on small businesses will pay very high APR for a loan. I know finance at large is dog-eat-dog, but these are mom and pops we're talking about. I'm not sure if that going to hold me back in some way down the line in regards to professional reputation, and/or that I ended up in a niche industry with few doors out.

So above are my concerns. Here's what I'm starting to think I can do to address them, in order: 1) Make the most out of the role and try and develop things on the side to improve the workflow and accuracy of our process. Look for ways to contribute outside my area to get exposure to other parts of the firm. Try and beef up as much of the "Credit Analysis" part of the job as I can. 2) Suck it up and write this off as an unhealthy "grass is always greener" mentality
Can I reasonably expect (with some legwork and luck) to transition this to a Corpfin/IB role in a few years? I want to do something client facing, in New York. I'm worried the lack of training/exposure in the current role compounded with a this being a niche industry putting me at a disadvantage against applicants with better experience in my age group.

Side note: I know I'm just getting started in my career and it's not great to be thinking of a current employer simply as a stepping stone. But to keep it short, thinking about my future, what lies ahead and what I can do to get there has been a coping mechanism for things happening in my personal life that have caused me some pain over the last year or so.

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Dec 18, 2017