Confused about these IB and M&A terms... please help!

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Hey everyone, I am extremely interested in finance and have started to read up on it daily. I am quite early in dealing with all this so please overlook my inexperience.

I have an internship and a business development firm that works with investment bankers, mergers and acquisitions, and the like. But I have come across a few terms that I just can't completely understand. I have been financial or whatever but still am confused. Can someone here please give me a more comprehensive and better definition of these terms:

-mortgage backed securities
-reverse mergers
-public shells

any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

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Sep 10, 2008

MBS... anybody who is even remotely interested in finance should be familiar with this term, so I'm not going to explain it.

I'm working on a RTO deal right now, so I'll give you a brief run-through...

An RTO is a method of going public, alternative to an IPO.

In a normal merger, a large company takes over a smaller company (i.e. Sony takes over Bose). In a RTO, a smaller, private company will take over a larger company via a stock offering (i.e. 30 Bose shares for 1 Sony share). Therefore, after the acquisition, despite that Bose acquired Sony, share beneficiaries (past Sony shareholders) will have more Bose shares than pre-existing Bose shareholders - in this way, Sony retains control and Bose becomes a publicly traded company.

A public shell is similar to a SPAC - a publicly-held empty company created solely for the purpose of an acquisition.

Sep 10, 2008