Confused with my future (European pathway)

Hey guys! I would like to share my emotions how I feel after sending many emails to managers, recruiters o simply juniors from main Spanish firms.

I finished my undergraduate a year ago. I studied a BSc in Business Management in a non-target Spanish university (probably my big fail). While I was studying, I put all my efforts to learn about investments and financial markets. I thought that would be great to be different from other students (I was a complete stupid).

I got an internship in an audit firm. I thought that it would be fantastic to improve my accounting abilities. So, It would be the correct way to IB. The firm is not a TOP firm in Spain. Even, it's not on the TOP in the city where I studied and worked (Seville). This experience is, definitely, irrelevant for recruiters. In spite of I worked as a senior audit, completing advance tasks for the company.

Then, I decided to go abroad to improve my languages skills. Basic to get the most rubbish job in IB. I chose Australia. I'm not dumb. I decided to spend my best ever year while I was surfing, drinking beers and meeting people. Okay, it's a gap year. My unique gap year in my life (I was wrong again).

When I came back to Spain I thought ''okay, now you are better than before. You always failed in all interviews by your low level of English. You got it. It's the moment to break into the industry like a fucking boss'' (I was wrong again, again).

It was 9 months ago. Corona-virus here. I applied to every firm in Spain (really, everyone). In just one of them, I got an interview where I failed in the first round. The rest of them, I didn't receive a reply.

I think myself ''where am I doing?'' ''Should I be more realist with my skills and apply for rubbish jobs?''

What do you recommend me to do in this time to hit a job?

I attach my resume.

Resume WSO

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Nov 29, 2020 - 5:22am

I am assuming that the PM function is for your own portfolio? Any verified success stories you could present?

other than that, these are hard times. Wishing you best of luck to find a local role in good company.

Nov 29, 2020 - 5:32am

I would aim for a regular finance job, maybe call the auditing firm and ask for roles they may have? Or try getting another internship within audits, or consultancy. like pwc, et al.

If you have funds and see value in it - consider another degree that may open up networking and brings a brand name onto your CV. Would you go for an MBA? do you see any value in it?

  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Nov 29, 2020 - 8:36am

Cunef will not help you to break into IB

You should target ESADE or HEC to maximize your chances

Nov 30, 2020 - 4:27am

How do you know that? I know that CUNEF is not the best way to break into IB in London or big firms. But, they can provide me the help to get a position in Spanish boutiques or firms.

ESADE and IE are the best Business School in Spain. HEC is one of the best in Europe. The problem are: 1. higher fees and 2. very difficult to be selected with a hard process (high GMAT and good resume, which I don't have). So, I have to be realistic.

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