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Hi all, just seeking some career advice.

I have worked for about 10 months as an intern in Investment Banking, and have just completed a 3 month internship at a Global Long/Short Equities fund here in Sydney. The fund is relatively small (sub <1b FUM) and almost unknown here in Australia but I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience as well as the work and learning that I've been exposed to. I have recently received an offer to continue working here part-time whilst I finish uni and extending to when I finish.

My question is, should I just accept this position as I know I want to work in HF industry, or should I accept an offer I have for MM IB SA and leverage that to BB IB knowing that I'd want to come back to HF industry later down the line. Is this thought process stupid?

Anyone know what he Aussie equities scene is like?
What are considerations that I should think about before joining a particular fund ?

Thanks very much !

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Aug 13, 2019

Some to consider:
1. Has it survived a recession
2. Are returns good
3. Is process thorough
4. Are team members intelligent
5. Will I get paid
6. Is my responsibility consistent with my skills and will I get an opportunity to grow my responsibilities

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Aug 13, 2019