Construction Risk Specialist, leaving to Pursue MBA and work in Real Estate Investing post MBA

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I've 6 years experience in the commercial real estate sphere working on forecasting and minimizing construction-risk for clients re-positioning existing buildings and new construction (mainly financial firms and real estate developers as clients). I'm planning to quit to pursue an MBA (in the midst of applications). My main motivation to pursue an MBA is because i want to work on the transactions side of Real Estate,
How do i connect by previous experience along with an MBA to gain a foot into REPE? Is it an easy move? I will try and intern at a few Real Estate firms in pre-MBA and during my MBA as well. I realize not many Real Estate firms actively recruit through career services. What's the best way to gain interview opportunities?

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Sep 9, 2019

Networking is the best way really, and you should probably pick your MBA program based on what kind of network/alumni

It sounds like you've got some good experience though that you could probably make a transition without an MBA. What type of role are you trying to move into for REPE?

Sep 9, 2019

I'm interested in acquisitions and fundraising roles. The company i currently work for has a Real Estate investing arm, but so far it's been hard moving laterally. Unofficially i have worked with a few analysts on market analysis for new investment opportunities.

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Sep 9, 2019

It sounds like your experience lends itself more to development or a firm that is heavily focused on value add assets. You would be the go to guy in any firm that likes to buy half built projects whenever a downturn happens. I see this that you have four options:

  1. Full Time MBA: If you truly are passionate about REPE and not development, this is the route to go. That internship (or internships) will be the crucial pivoting point for you. Try to intern multiple times, meaning during the semesters. There are formal recruiting timelines for the larger REPEs (see the list).
  2. Part Time MBA: Continue working to gain more experience while studying on evenings/ weekends. You could pivot to a RE role while doing this (although you'd likely take a paycut doing so) or try to pivot to a Development Associate/ Manager role. You may notice that this route lends itself more to development and less to REPE.
  3. Networking. You'd likely be able to do this at a smaller shop and less likely at a BlackStone/ Carlyle/ Starwood. You should do this anyway, regardless of whichever path you go.
  4. MSRE: Harder to use this for a megafund, more likely to break into a medium/ small shop. Less surety of an MBA, less cost.

Also- how did you get your current role? Mind if I PM you?

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Sep 9, 2019


At this point in my professional life i do want to pursue a full-time MBA. I did look into MSRE, but a little hesitant about going for another specialized degree ( i have a masters in Construction Management)

Sure you can PM me!

Sep 9, 2019

Sounds like you have your plan set out then. I would suggest messaging @cpgame , he has a construction background and went the MBA route based on his post history. He advocates for the importance of internships. There are a lot of good MBA programs for RE. Use LinkedIn and find alumni working where you want to work.

Cool, I will PM you.

Sep 9, 2019