Consulting Companies, ranking?

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could clear up how these consulting companies stack up against each other. I'm mostly talking about econ consulting and smaller companies.

Berkeley Research Group
IBM - consulting

which should i go for?

also, stupid question but does FTI fall under econ consulting too or? I know they offer that as a service, but I'm not quite sure what to categorize them as a consulting firm.


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Apr 4, 2015

FTI is known for it's corporate finance & restructuring segment:

Apr 5, 2015

If you're just interested in rankings, here's one view from Vault:
IBM (11), Navigant (21), FTI (31), Berkeley (NR)

IBM is obviously not an econ consulting firm and as mentioned above, FTI focuses on restructuring.

Apr 9, 2015