Consulting or Boutique IB for SA prep?

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So I'm a soph at a non-target and don't think I'll be able to land an SA position next summer at a BB. I think I'll have enough exp to land something at a regional boutique or mm firm, or I have the option of doing some consulting work for BAH in Asia. Would the boutique/mm exp better prep me for an SA position at a BB my junior summer or would the international exposure at a respectable consulting firm be good?

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May 24, 2010

though mm exp would qualify you better, internships at MBB (BAH is pretty close I think) are very hard to come by...if you'd be part of their summer analyst program I'd do it just because of how selective they are and that would be a good signal to recruiters and if they ask you why dont you just be a consultant you can tell them you "still can't buy bottles with starwood points"

May 24, 2010