Consulting Recruiting After Graduation

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I recently graduated from Fordham, which is non-target, but not terrible either. My overall GPA is 3.009, which I know is pretty not great. My major GPA is 3.389. I majored in Philosophy and I did two minors, one in Business Admin and one in Marketing. I realized consulting is something I wanted kind of late in the game and only applied to McKinsey and Bain my senior year, both of which didn't interview me. Back then I didn't have any consulting experience, but now I do. I did a fellowship/internship over winter break. I also had a badly formatted resume and wrote cover letters like I was a freshman. Add that I barely networked, and I can see why I didn't get any traction. Now I know people at Deloitte and PWC. I'm currently interviewing for a consulting summer internship with a really small firm at home. Would it be unheard of to apply to MBB, Big 4, Accenture, and other firms like LEK and Oliver Wyman's entry-level consulting jobs for next year's class (2021), even though I already graduated? I can take scathing honesty, I just want to know if anyone had any stories to share and/or if there are any tips about navigating entry-level recruiting being out of college.

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Jun 14, 2020