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What do salary/bounus look like for the first 10 years and what positions/ ladder would you be climbing? For example in investment banking its like - first 3 years analyst then associate 3 years then vp; what do the first 10 years look like for a consultant in both positions and salary/bounus

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Aug 1, 2006

After 10 years you'd be a partner. Can't help with that, but I can tell you at the top 3 strat firms your first 3 years avg comp would be as follows: $60K, $70K then $100K. Of course, there's always the opportunity of jumping ship to other jobs where the pay can differ dramatically (e.g., I left after 2 years and got a $100K "bump" in total comp)

Aug 4, 2006

smuguy97 thanks!. How does the salary look if you jump into consulting right after BSchool? I've heard averages of about 140-160K? And so 10 years at a consulting firm would equal partner, how much would a partner make?

  •  Aug 7, 2006

post b-school right now the salary at MBB is 140k, maybe we'll see 5k increase or so this year.
Next level after 2 years on avg. (EM/CTL) makes around 220-240 I'd say.
Afterwards leveling differs a bit, and time it takes can vary too, from 2-4 years, to get to manager, AP or whatever. Dunno exactly pay, and variable component gets substantial anyway.
I think junior partner, 5-7 years post-bschool these days, pays maybe 500-600k on avg. (could be off a bit though since don't know for sure, have been out of industry for a while, and may differ by firm)

Aug 14, 2006

Partners at consulting firms definately make less than I-banking MDs, but they work less getting there.

Aug 16, 2006

"Partners at consulting firms definately make less than I-banking MDs, but they work less getting there." -- this is definately true on average, but partners that can really "sell" can make a ton of money. I happen to know one such partner who has not made less than $5 MM over the last three years. It can also be quite lucrative as a way of getting hired on by a client for a top spot (read: Bain's Kevin Rollins going to Dell and getting more than $200 MM worth of options)

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Aug 22, 2006

Consulting gets less pay, but then again, so do academics... which if you like practical application of your work & getting paid, stick with banking & leave the pondering & pontification to the consultants

Aug 24, 2006

The top paid partner at one of the bigger consulting firms took home about $19 million last year. It all comes down to selling business...

Aug 27, 2006

Anyone have any idea what bonuses are like at the analyst and associate level?

1st-Yr Mgmt Consulting Analyst

Aug 28, 2006

Depends on the shop. But first year bonuses are generally 5-15K

Aug 31, 2006

Deloitte boston-office doesn't offer bonuses to first year analysts

  •  Sep 1, 2006

19M USD seems really high.

that means the guy sold basically enough work to staff all year round at least 60-70 consultants and got all the credit for doing so.

Not absolutely impossible, but very very hard, and needs one of these mega once-in-a-lifetime type projects.

how do you know? just analyst back of the enveloppe or real data from some HR indiscretion? Don't forget partners who do well don't eat all they kill, they need to cough up a lot in profit sharing, headquarter contribution etc.

Sep 3, 2006

I don't believe the $19M figure. Care to name the firm?

Sep 16, 2006

I'd beleive the the Sr. partners may get a couple of MM but $19 does seem outlandish

Oct 25, 2006

sounds ok to me

Oct 25, 2006

too high

Oct 29, 2006