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I recently had a conversation with a former McKinsey principal who spent many years at a specific office that I am targeting. The conversation was very positive and the guy suggested that it is very important for me to contact the head of the office and gave me his contact information. I am trying to put together an email to reach out to him to see if he is available for a short phone call, but am having trouble figuring out how to structure my email.

I usually have little trouble formulating networking emails, but the majority of the audience that I write to are people much lower on the food chain. Can you all please give me some advice on how you would go about reaching out to a head of an office and what my main talking points should be?

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Mar 15, 2013

Hello, Ms X
I'm interested in Y. Mr Z suggested I contact you directly and gave me your email. Could we ...

McKinsey senior partners are pretty relaxed ppl from what I've seen. Don't hesitate too much, or you'll make the email look like you worked on it for 5 hours which you don't want. One senior partner from EE appointed a meeting with me himself, later told me he hates being treated as a board member.
Just send.

Mar 15, 2013

I think a lot of young guys like us overestimate the formality/etiquette required when talking to senior people. I used to do this too. I've had great success chatting up with C-levels, just by keeping the email friendly, simple, good grammar/structure. It doesn't need to be written like a cover letter,

Please don't quote Patrick Bateman.

Mar 16, 2013