Contemplating MIT's MFin but my GPA & work experience aren't helping. Thoughts?

Hi there. I just got my GMAT score and am pretty happy with what I've achieved. I scored 750 (Q50V42), thinking about a retake but it seems futile. I was planning on applying for a European program but also thought about MIT. However my GPA along with work experience stand in the way.

My GPA is 8.2/10, which is roughly 3.3. Work experience is even more depressing, just one internship in trade finance and an incoming internship in fixed income research, starting in February (I'm a 2021 graduate btw). Also sitting for CFA level 1 in February.

Do I stand a chance here? My undergrad math courses are where my strength is, but as I said the GPA and experience combo is a bit of shortfall.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

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Oct 15, 2021 - 4:53am

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