Converting an internship in the time of COVID-19

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Hey all you working from home bankers and consultants!
I am starting my internship in MBB (but I think this topic is relevant for people starting in IB as well) at the beginning of the next month. Given the difficult market conditions and the fact that from the very beginning I will be working from home, I am concerned about converting the internship into FT offer. Thus, I would like to ask you for some advice in the following fields:

  1. Onboarding online - does anybody have any experience with starting the onboarding process from home? I think I will either go to the office to pick up my laptop and cell phone or the company will deliver it to me directly so I will not meet anybody in person (my country is under a heavy lockdown).
  2. Working on cases/deals from home - do you have any advice for new joiners on how to gain the trust of other team members (it might have been slightly different if we worked together in the office and they could meet us in person)?
  3. Building a bond with the team and getting to know people - how do I build relations with teammates through zoom/MS Teams/skype? It is extremely important for me and I know that due to the pandemic I might never meet them in person (or the amount of time will be very limited).

If you have any other advice, I will be very grateful!

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Apr 3, 2020