Corp Dev director role and etiquette with recruiter question?

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Just had a recruiter I have worked with in the past reach out regarding a Corporate Development Director role. She works with some pretty big firms as we have talked in the past several times and I have referred associates to her previously. The kicker is, she placed me in my current role as a TAS/FDD director. I'm not sure if she realized she was sending this to me knowing she placed me here 9 months ago or if this was a blanket message to everyone in her contact list that fit the description. Do I tell her I wouldn't mind a conversation about the role? Do I let her know she placed me less than a year ago? I wasn't really looking for a career change however CD does have some allure beyond my current role. The message she sent also said heavy M&A/FDD/modeling experience would be needed which is what I enjoy most about my current role.

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