Corp Dev - Legit or Not?

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Hello Folks,

I have a final round interview for a summer internship at this company ->
I wanted to get your opinions on whether or not this position will look good on my resume. This is a bit different from normal corp dev positions because it doesn't require much experience, and I was also told that I would mostly do market research/identify targets/etc.

I have a final round interview, a 2 on 1 video call, which seems a little odd for a final round interview. What kind of comp can I expect from a position like this and should I consider other options in corp finance (I have 2 interviews for a biotech company and one for Uber) over this one?

Thank you for your input.

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Apr 5, 2019


Apr 8, 2019

Your link doesn't work which is (part of) why no one has replied.

Apr 8, 2019