Corporate Banking: bother with CFA or MBA?

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Corporate Banking related post given lack of CB subsection, looking for any feedback / guidance from those who have done or seen similar.

Currently Associate 3 In NYC, on ~$200 to $225k all in for 50-55 hours per week. Currently only have a bachelors degree (from New Zealand) and will look to make the move to Florida in 4 or 5 years for family and lifestyle reasons.

I am wondering if there is much sense in grinding through a CFA (let alone MBA) for what will essentially be a another 'feather in the cap' or resume-booster? CFA would be a drain on the lifestyle but work would cover the fees, MBA I'd need to pay for myself.

Conscious that the NYC salary isn't everlasting and I will likely be looking at mid market relationship manager type roles in Miami / Fort Lauterdale etc, but does anyone see my education being a material problem in the medium to long term?

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Feb 3, 2020