Corporate Banking Finance?

Hi everyone!

I recently got an offer from WF in their corporate banking finance division. Can someone please explain what kind of work I'll be doing? I've searched and have seen corporate banking and corporate finance.

Any extra insight like some of your experiences, salary+bonus, exit opps. would be appreciated.

I've tried googling and some searches on here, but lots of them say different things.


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Apr 17, 2015


Apr 18, 2015

"Can someone please explain what kind of work I'll be doing? "

How do you get an offer, and not know this part?

Apr 21, 2015

search corporate banking, that's what you'll be doing

Apr 22, 2015

Thanks for the responses. I know essentially what I'll be doing, but I know as far as the group. I wanted to know if the work would end up following either corporate banking or finance for the CB group. The title was a bit confusing to me.

Any insight as to the role specifically at WF (I read the banking ones for other companies) or any tips for this LOB?


Apr 22, 2015

bump, just incase!

Apr 22, 2015

One last, most likely futile bump.

Apr 22, 2015