Corporate Banking Financial Sponsor lending Interview coming up!

Hi there!

I was looking into interviewing for an Corporate Banking Analyst position on the Financial Sponsors team at a regional bank in NYC. They provide lending for lower middle market acquisitions and cover PE firms with <$500mm AUM.

If anyone works in the space and could shed some light, It would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Does anyone know what to highlight in the interview?
  • What type of specific credit analysis that I should know?
  • Should I know how to do an LBO/MBO model? Any particular part of it?
  • What type of skills are mandatory?
  • What the credit approval memorandums consist of?
  • What justifies a sound lending issuance?
  • What the due diligence process entails?

Thanks in advance to the brave souls who actually spread their knowledge on WSO.


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Jul 8, 2017
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