A family member of mine is highly placed at Hewlett Packard and I wanted to see if anyone knew about Corporate Development programs at companies such as this. Should I ask my family member to try to forward my resume to the corporate development team or do you believe they will not take anyone out of undergrad? If not are there any quality jobs at a F500 company that are obtainable as an undergrad?

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Yes. If you want to work for a F500 company then you need to apply at F500 companies. There are many quality of jobs at these companies. They didn't become as big as they are without having some competent people working for them. If you have a strong resume and a relatively good GPA (>3.2) then you have a good shot at some major companies. I would aim at F20 or F30 companies, those are the ones with competetive programs designed to accelerate your career.

Good luck.

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