Corporate development case study - what to expect?

Have an upcoming final round interview & case study with an up-and-coming tech unicorn.

Relevant facts:

  • They are hiring multiple Corp Dev associates on an already established 10 person Corp Dev team.

  • Highly active in JVs, not very active in acquisitions so far although the hiring behavior and job description suggest this is where they are headed.

  • Bankrolled by big funds with deep pockets, rapidly expanding in many countries.

  • Unique business model, not much competition but a swath of opportunity for strategic & vertical deals. 

I am already told I will have 24 hours for the case study. Seems most corp dev case studies are either on site 60-minutes or few days to weeks. What do you think this case study may include and why?

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Aug 24, 2021 - 4:19pm

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