Corporate Finance to Equity Analyst Feasibility?

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Hi All,

Throwaway account for anonymity. I'm curious about a transition that I've not seen discussed before, likely because it's a very rare one. I'm currently at a F100 company working in a quasi-corporate strategy/pure FP&A role. I'm lucky in that my particular position is very heavily operationally focused while I'm obviously concurrently in the weeds of the company's P&L. I'm wondering if anyone has heard of a transition from industry into an equity analysis role, whether it be a l/s fund or a more traditional AM research role.

I would be fund size agnostic, assuming that there would be enough deployable capital to implement an efficient investment strategy. I've always been interested in the public markets and would like to eventually transition back into one. I'm imagining that a PM would want to see a tremendous amount of industry knowledge and obviously also have solid fundamental technicals in order to parse through possible investments.

Is this reasonable? Would a CFA be any value add? Let me know thoughts either way.


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Jul 10, 2019


Jul 10, 2019

I've seen the transition to sell side research roles, so maybe that's one route to start off with first

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Jul 16, 2019

I guess likewise to my question above, do you think a sell side research seat would also require really intimate operational experience through a long tenure in industry?

Nov 20, 2019

Any additional color on this? Also interested.

Nov 19, 2019