Corporate Strategy vs. FoF

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I currently work at a FoF and am interviewing for a corp startegy position within business development (financial analysis mostly) at a large retailer which is in top 20 in F100 companies.

Do you think its a better fit than my current position if I want to gaurentee spot in top 5 MBA?

Also, what would be some other upsides?

I feel as if working in Asset Management has a very specific career track and this position might open up more opportunities even though I will probably make less money in the short term...

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Mar 3, 2010

What's the range of work you'll be doing in 'financial analysis'? Is it projections, or would you also help with acquisitions like in a corp dev role? If the latter, then that definitely helps expand your future opportunities and also chances for a top 5 MBA.

From what I've seen with FoFs, unless your FoF is also involved with co-investments, the due diligence and analysis you do on GPs is pretty limited quantitatively... reviewing IRRs, putting together presentations for FoF LPs on FoF's returns over various vintage years, internal investment or market reports...Though it varies with each FoF. But you would have a better idea than me since you already work there.

Mar 3, 2010

its a development role that includes adding value to certain departments based on both on site obersvations as well as market and economic data - the division does work with C level executives

Mar 3, 2010

If I were in your shoes, and the FoF does not do much co-investment/direct investments, or that my role does not give me the chance to do modeling work for co-investments or interact with portfolio companies, I would take the development role.

Mar 3, 2010

thanks for your help, I am involved with some co-investment stuff and we also some trading and hold some positions ourselves... its a tought decision, however it will become a lot easier if I get rejected, lol, I just wanted to know if I would even consider this as I'm pretty far into interviewing

just as an insight to someone who is reading this.. most of the people I met with throughout interviews were ex MBB or ex IBD (mostly GS) backgrounds and a lot had top tier MBA degrees, so I feel a good corp. strat. job could really help getting into top 5 MBA

Mar 3, 2010