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Hey everyone, I've been lurking on this sight for a while and thought I'd come here to hear other perspectives on my current situation.

I'm currently a junior at a target that was going through IB recruiting, but unfortunately did not win any offers. I am currently sitting on a Corporate Treasury summer analyst position at a top BB (JPM/MS/GS), and wanted to hear anyone's thoughts on the role. Is this the type of role that will give me good experiences to set me up for an MBA? Have other people in corporate treasury been able to move over into more FO roles within the bank? 

Obviously, I'm a little bummed out that IB recruiting didn't work out for me, but I feel optimistic about the offer that I currently have and wanted to hear what the full range of corporate treasury looks like.

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Nov 2, 2020 - 9:08am

I'm a VP in CB and I want to exit into a Director of Account Management in a Global Transaction Banking role.

However, I had a question about Global Transaction Banking's long term future. If cryptocurrency was to become prevalent, and be able to facilitate global payments, would this rise of cryptocurrency completely destroy the Global Transaction Banking industry?

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Nov 11, 2020 - 1:22pm

I've been in Treasury my entire career, from a small O&G midstream to a multinational corporate and now BB (JPM/GS/C/MS) for the past 4 years. The smaller you go the more operational the work is, but also more directly tied to the key decision makers of the firm, especially since you develop a view of the company from a cash flow point of view and not purely P&L. It's a great setup to learn how to start your own company or manage a subsidiary. At the BB there are several options to specialize in that don't exist elsewhere (Risk, Liq Mgmt, FX / Rate portfolio mgmt, etc) but you have limited "broader" experience of the firm unless you move around within the department, and that kind of development takes time. From my experience it's a bit of a trade off. The money and structure is better at a BB, but the hands-on applicable experience you get by working directly for key C-suite guys at a smaller group is much more transferable to mid/small companies. The workload is longer at a BB. I work 8am - 6pm with longer hours preparing ALCO decks and topics to present to the board, as well as, other things like immediate regulatory requests. The ops functions include setting the daily cash position, building and strategizing rolling cash flow forecasts, booking FX/Commodity/Rate hedges, figuring out the best investment options for excess cash. But the pay is less. BB Treasury is not IB, but is full of ex-traders and business heads looking for a better work/life balance before retirement that would gladly connect you if you gain their trust. Remember the first job out of college is certainly not your last, so enjoy what you can get, learn a couple things and keep connecting with people in the next place you want to move into and then crush it.

Nov 23, 2021 - 1:18pm

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