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Request all to provide feedback for the following cover letter. I am currently in Consulting and wish to transition to a role in private equity.

My name is Sudeep Patwardhan and I am writing to express my interest in the YYY Leadership Program 2015.

I have completed my MBA from XIMB with Finance as my Majors. My Bachelor's degree is from VNIT, which is considered as one of the premier institutions in India for quality education. Currently, I am working with XXX as a Consultant in the Retail & Consumer Goods Business Unit. Given my experience and capabilities, as stated below, I would like to be considered for this program

During my tenure at XXX, I have been involved in several consulting engagements for global clients from diverse sectors such as Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail and Consumer goods etc. These engagements have provided me with the strategic perspective and analytical skills necessary to perform due diligence, conduct market analysis and exercise strong business judgment. Majority of the engagements involved analysis of large, complex data sets, some of the engagements also required building financial and operational Excel models to evaluate scenarios analyze sensitivities and prioritize strategic initiatives. I believe that these skills will prove useful in identifying potential investment opportunities and understanding the strategic rationale behind a transaction.

My stint in consulting has not only equipped me in handling various business problems but, has also provided me an insider view of the investment decision process in various organizations. Over the years, I have also started taking interest in various aspects of investment decisions. Now, I am interested in taking a look at bigger picture and want to transition, from handling Business operation related work to handling investment decision related work.

I now wish to take up full time role in an organization like YYY and utilize my experience and capabilities to make a successful career in private equity. YYY with its unique investment approach focused on Business Potential, People and Fair Value has been supporting entrepreneurs and professionals to build the future champions of India's domestic economy. The YYY Leadership Program is one of kind structure program providing live deal experience and responsibilities to develop skills through real world experience. I believe that this program would be an ideal fit to equip and enable me to transition from Consulting to Private Equity.

My attached resume provides more information about my education and experience. I would like to thank you for taking time to review my application.


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