Coverage - SocGen & JPM

I am currently working as an M&A Associate at a Big 4 (industry specialisation: TMT, CRE, Healthcare); been here for 7 months. In prior, I have worked full time for 7 months in prior (in Research) and an internship before, 3 months. I am looking actively to see out any prospective opportunities in IB,

I have recently come across two prospective opportunities in SocGen and JPM - both of which hover in the realm between an internship and a full time analyst position.

  1. Do the supposed 'trainee' positions fit my profile as a full time employee?
  2. How visible it is to see the difference in coverage v product?
  3. What functions do these banks (SocGen & jpm, London - and IBs in general?) primarily tackle in coverage? (in CF & financial markets).
  4. Will I be involved in more FDD / Valuation and such, as similar to the position at a big 4, or in deals and advisory? I suspect the latter - but would the financial modeling skills / valuation / vba and such ever come into handy use?

    Thank you for any kind inputs.