Cowen vs. Jefferies vs. Raymond James

Raymond James Real Estate IBD in St. Petersburg, FL

Cowen Healthcare IBD in San Francisco, CA

Jefferies Retail & Consumer Products IBD in Charlotte, NC

Which would you choose? What are their reputations? Exit opps? Culture? Compensation? I would love to hear your opinions... It is regards to a SA position...

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Feb 21, 2012 - 7:29pm

i think its more like cowen vc. jeff.

- has a great healthcare team
- SF is awesome
- better/larger network
- you will get worked to death
- strong deal flow
- i've seen people go to large MM PE funds from cowen SF

- You really can't go wrong with Jefferies
- keep in mind this is a fairly new office
- deal flow in the charlotte office is slow. competition with WF, ML, Sagent, McColl, Lazard MM who have been around for a while.
- Jeff has a better name in the industry than Cowen
- the team in Charlotte is small but many go to PE/MBA/BB after 3-4, mostly in the South.
- cheap living you can save a lot of your salary/bonus
- the weather sucks here

i would go with Cowen SF personally for a number of reasons. If you have plans to lateral to a BB in the future go with Jefferies. If you want to stay in MM go with Cowen SF, much better location.

Feb 22, 2012 - 9:40am

Ray Jay is making moves right now and St. Pete is not very high cost of living. That being said...I think Cowen Healthcare would be solid.

Oct 8, 2020 - 1:58am

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