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Anyone have any color on ballpark associate comp? What about culture, hours, reputation, etc? Do they recruit post IB only? Or from undergrad?

Any insight is appreciated

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Sep 17, 2014


Oct 2, 2014


Oct 3, 2014

I have a buddy who works there. I have heard base for associate is about $125k; not sure of bonus. They recruit from undergrad in Canada for the analyst level. For associates it's mostly post-mba. Strong reputation, bright group of people, somewhat bureaucratic/slow investment committee process, a TON of capital to deploy, interesting global presence and reach. I would peg hours at 50-80 per week depending on deal flow. I would say they are quite well balanced. Note that they prefer passive investments, so you won't be very close to the assets/operations side of the business.

Jul 14, 2015