CPPIB Business Case Interview

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Hi All,

I have an interview with CPPIB for an experienced hire role within their Credit Investments department. The interview will involve a 48h case study. My experience is from industry in non-finance roles (although I have a finance degree). The role is fairly niche and will focus on investing in royalties. Requirements of the position centre around performing valuation analysis of companies and debt securities (including DCF), precedent transactions and relative value analysis as well as building complex financial models to assess investment opportunities and test assumptions/perform sensitivity analysis.

I have done my due diligence which indicates I should be familiar with LBO, DCF amongst others. This is all relatively new to me and it would be great if you all could offer insight into the specifics I would want to learn for this business case---I will nail the industry stuff but need assistance in the financial aspects.

Also, if anybody can offer insight into CPPIB and their interview process that would be great. Thank you in advance--I just learned about this community and look forward to hopefully contributing in the future.

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Mar 10, 2019